About Us

BOX Business Club was founded in September 2018 through collaboration with the Vice Presidency for Science and Technology of the Presidential Office, Behpardakh Mellat company, Atar Capital Investment Company, and a group of Sharif University of Technology graduates and professors. The primary objective of this initiative is to support the development of technology-based businesses in proximity to Sharif University of Technology. BOX can be considered the first knowledge-based business club in Iran. This coworking space, spanning 3,600 square meters, aims to engage the technology community, including startup owners and investors, in fostering the growth of knowledge-based businesses. BOX’s core mission is to provide services to startups and individuals involved in digital businesses, fintech, and other knowledge-based activities. Therefore, what BOX’s resident groups should pursue are creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship. The club offers various offices, shared workspaces for startups, and venues for technology-related meetings and events. The objective is to facilitate the development of knowledge-based businesses by providing tailored services and establishing a unique and dynamic environment for technology stakeholders.

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Our coworking space is a high-energy community built on the foundation of networking power. Our services are often tailored to individuals and teams who are active in areas like fintech, digital businesses, and more. Our vision for BOX goes beyond an ordinary coworking space. We embark on a mission based on ideals and principles that, over time, transforms this space into a platform to address the comprehensive challenges of startups. We are seeking to create a unique springboard for startups. Our emphasis on networking in a coworking space has created an environment where innovation thrives. We believe that by connecting the minds of talented individuals and providing the necessary resources and support, we will take the necessary steps to turn this space into an intelligent and specialized startup factory. Join us on this exciting journey where simple connections turn into collaborations, where ideas are constantly evolving and growing alongside successful international businesses.